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Welcome message from ECOSOLUM’s founder Konstantin Solyanyk

Dear Colleagues!


– Your company is looking to cut heating costs;

– Your company is looking for a stable and cost-effective source of sustainable heat energy;

– Your company produces pellets and seeks a reliable source of raw materials.

– You are looking for a stable profiting agricultural activity on your land;

– You are looking for attractive investment projects!



Fast growing trees have been effectively cultivated in many European countries in the past decades. In our opinion, Ukraine’s polesia and forest steppes regions are most suitable for energy willow cultivation. Sweden has been the leader in energy willow growing by hectares and by cultivation experience for many years.

Our company has obtained a license for willow planting in Ukraine from the market’s leaders, Swidish companies,  Salixenergi Europa AB and Lantmännen SW Seed, which allows us to cultivate and plant the best varieties of energy willow:

– Inger – Tordis – Sven – Torhild – Klara

In 2012, we imported licensed planting material based on the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine in order to establish a seed plantation. The original planting materials were produced on the seed originators plantations in Sweden

We offer only best new varieties, most efficient equipment and proven technologies.

We constantly exchange production experience with our European colleagues which constitute a pool of more than twenty companies

We offer informational support and consulting based on the shared experience of European industry leaders.

More information is available for research on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you have more questions. We will be glad to assist you in the most professional manner!


All the best in your professional beginnings!



Konstantin Solyanyk
Founder of ECOSOLUM



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