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Social benefits of energy willow

Social factor is very important in the production of renewable energy. The social benefits of energy willow are especially valuable for under-developed areas which normally fall out of traditional economic models based on resources availability such as fertile lands for food production.

Energy willow growing thus may help to ease immediate social tasks due to long-term effects of willow plantations amid the growing demand for safe renewable energy sources. Main social benefits of energy willow include:

  • Creating additional jobs locally
  • Possibility for development and maintenance of local energy & logistics infrastructure
  • Positive effects on local economies
  • Improving regional ecological balance
  • Sustainable industry with a strong scalability potential
  • Effective use of poorest land resources not used otherwise for other types of production

Social regional development may not succeed if not supported by the optimization of energy costs. This becomes possible if energy resources become immediately and locally available.

Energy willow growing contributes to sustainable regional economic development as well as environmental improvements related to water and air improvements and enrichment of regional biodiversity.  Consequently, overall regional attractiveness creates a positive social effect.

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