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Energy willow vs other renewable sources

Energy willow as a source of biomass has significant regional advantages when compared with other sources of green renewable energy. Economic benefits of energy willow derive from biological and technological advantages of willow growing. The plant’s fast growing and high energy content of the biomass allow to efficiently scale the production of willow as an energy plant. Some of the advantages of energy willow in comparison to other renewable or green sources of heat in particular can be identified as following:

  • Stable source of energy: energy willow, unlike such sources as the Sun, wind, sea tides and waves and river flows, is available on a constant basis regardless of weather fluctuations
  • Manageable sou rce of energy: unlike the majority of other renewable energy sources, energy willow does not require extra expenses on the accumulation of energy produced for its further redistribution. Willow produces energy supply on demand without intermediate peaks management & accumulation
  • Seasonal biomass harvesting from November till March enables efficient immediate supply during the peak demand for heating
  • Technology & equipment required to harvest willow and further produce heat energy is not sophisticated or unique and thus can be quickly scaled to match the immediate demand for heating

Energy willow can be most accurately compared with another source of solid biomass. Compared to traditional wood, willow has a number of economic and ecological advantages:

  • No forest roads maintenance required
  • No roots pulling or long-term re-forestation costs
  • No sophisticated specialized heavy equipment or considerable human labor resources required (just one piece of regular equipment and one operator is able to cut, chop, load and transport willow chips from field to storage site)
  • No serious labor hazards during harvesting
  • No harm to beneficial birds nesting due to seasonal winter harvesting
  • No deforestation consequences affecting sustainable ecosystems, biodiversity and recreational value of forests

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