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Ecological benefits of energy willow

Renewable energy sources are beneficial in their neutral or positive effects on the environment.  Ecological benefits or energy willow are hard to overestimate. Key ecological benefits of energy willow include:

  • Carbon-neutral source of renewable energy
  • Protecting soils from erosion
  • Improving biodiversity and local micro-climate
  • Providing shelter for beneficial birds
  • Enriching soil with humus, enhancing soil life with no mechanical or chemical applications on plantations over longer periods (25-30 years)
  • Minimizing general effects of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers
  • Possible beneficial use as water treatment measure in problematic areas (industrial spillages or wastelands)

Energy willow growing is normally done on poorest soils as well as wetlands. Such territories benefit from willow plantations as the result. At the same time,  food-producing agricultural lands are not compromised. Moreover, energy willow plantations may be used as wind shields to reduce wind erosions and stop/accumulate snow during winter storms, thus, indirectly contributing to energy willow economic benefits.

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