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Benefits of Willow

willow benefits

Energy willow (Salix) is probably the most efficient energy plant among all sources of clean renewable energy tested today. Willow is a real survivor plant and not demanding to soil conditions which adds extra points to the benefits of it among other energy plants.

The key benefits of energy willow as a source of renewable energy include:

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Ecological benefits of energy willow

Renewable energy sources are beneficial in their neutral or positive effects on the environment.  Ecological benefits or energy willow are hard to overestimate. Key ecological benefits of energy willow include: Carbon-neutral source of renewable energy Protecting soils from erosion Improving biodiversity and local micro-climate Providing shelter for beneficial birds Enriching soil with humus, enhancing soil …

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Economic benefits of energy willow

Profitability and economic effectiveness of renewable energy sources depend on a number of economic parameters. Economic effectiveness of energy willow growing is one of the highest due to biological and technological benefits of new energy willow varieties. The economic benefits of energy willow plantations include: Lowest cost of land resources required for plantation Minimal agro-technological …

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Social benefits of energy willow

Social factor is very important in the production of renewable energy. The social benefits of energy willow are especially valuable for under-developed areas which normally fall out of traditional economic models based on resources availability such as fertile lands for food production. Energy willow growing thus may help to ease immediate social tasks due to …

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Energy willow vs other renewable sources

Energy willow as a source of biomass has significant regional advantages when compared with other sources of green renewable energy. Economic benefits of energy willow derive from biological and technological advantages of willow growing. The plant’s fast growing and high energy content of the biomass allow to efficiently scale the production of willow as an …

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