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About us

about-usThe companies of the ECOSOLUM Group have evolved through more than fifteen years of diversified agricultural production, logistics and trade.

The development of the renewable energy sector — one of the most dynamic, sustainable and promising sectors in the global economy — has now become an important strategic activity for the ECOSOLUM companies.

In 2009, the ECOSOLUM Group launched its first agri pellets production In September 2009, a new straw pelleting line of 8,000 MT annual output capacity was launched in collaboration with the Romny Feed Concentrates Plant (Sumy region, Eastern Ukraine).

Along with the agri pellets production, ECOSOLUM started building up pellets export trade operations.

The drought of 2010 in Ukraine destabilized the supply of straw for the production line while the price for alternative wood industry’s raw materials went up. The production was suspended

More stable and cheaper raw materials were considered by the ECOSOLUM and  energy willow was selected as the alternative energy source.

Swedish companies  Salix Energi Europa AB and Lantmännen SW Seed.have gained international recognition as the leaders in the breeding and planting of energy willow.

In 2012, ECOSOLUM  signed an agreement with Salix Energi Europa AB to acquire genetically clean planting materials of the best energy willow varieties for the purpose of licensed cuttings production.

During the same year, ECOSOLUM was granted license from the breeding company to reproduce and commercialize official planting materials of the best performing energy willow varieties.

In April 2012, ECOSOLUM became the sole company in Ukraine to ever receive an approval of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine to import planting materials of energy willow varieties.

Consequently, ECOSOLUM is the only enterprise in Ukraine to have officially obtained all the necessary licenses from the recognized energy willow breeders to produce planting materials, as well as the sole legal importer of the most productive original Swedish varieties working in compliance with the Law of Ukraine on the Protection of Rights on Plant Varieties and the Law of Ukraine on Seeds and Planting Materials.

Our team remains in contact with international colleagues and experts from leading companies and academic institutions to exchange practical localized experience, knowledge and information on industry advances in the area of energy willow planting and SRC management.

Initiated and supported by ECOSOLUM, the Association of Bio Energy Producers of Ukraine, UABIOM, was founded in 2011. UABIOM is a full member of the European counterpart Association AEBIOM.

ECOSOLUM Group is an active player on the Ukraine’s renewable energy market, as well as a reliable partner to the World’s industry leaders and a dynamic facilitator of plant varieties rights, advanced technologies and production excellence in energy willow growing and the renewable energy sector.

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